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Good weekend. Up entirely too late.

Actually, "good" isn't the right word. "Fabulous" and "Wonderful" describe it much more accuately. Good Times indeed. :)

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My Marine is home -- Yay! :)

His truck broke down on the other side of the city, I just finished having it hauled back here. He's with one of his buddies until the morning.

But YAY! He's here!
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"It's raining cats, dogs, and small children out there!"
"I'll go fire up the wok..."
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i am tired and lonely and touch deprived.


Jul. 7th, 2006 11:29 pm
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[23:27] [livejournal.com profile] the_fresh_one: I hate to break it to you but 50% of america has below average intelligence.
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Dammit where did my Origins pre-reg mag go to?!

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i hate shopping. i left here with munchkin at 7. we went to the mall (2 stores, one of which was hallmark) and grabbed the worst possible dinner (mcdonalds) and then to walmart. all on the evening before mothers day. we just got back here, at 10. ugh. i hate shopping.
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I want my damn cat back.
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Anyone planning on going to Origins, June 29 - July 2?
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Amy likes to go outside. She's not allowed, but lately she's been damn sure trying to every chance she gets.

She got a chance tonight, the door didn't close entirely behind Dad.

Apparently we don't bring her enough toys, because she brought in A BABY RABBIT.


Poor lil bunny. I don't think it's hurt too badly to survive, but I've only a vague idea of where the nest is, and it's cold tonight. It's likely that, although I tucked him up towards where I think the nest is in the flowerbed, he won't make it back and may die tonight. That would be sad, but I wanted to give him the chance to get home, since he's still mobile.

but DAMN. (She's played with and loved two rabbits, both adults. This one is a baaaaaby. Looks like a large mouse or small rat. So no, I'm not worried about what may happen if I get a rabbit again.)

Damn cat is supposed to stay INSIDE. Sheesh.
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  • Be a telemarketer

  • Be a telemarketer and call my house

  • Be a telemarketer and call my house and have me answer the phone

  • Be a telemarketer and call my house and have me answer the phone tonight

Trust me on this one.

ZJ: 2 Telemarketers: 0


Mar. 26th, 2006 02:29 pm
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There's another new icon i've snagged, I'll show that one off later. But this one, *swoon*
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What to get my sister for her birthday... she'll be TEN on friday! YEESH!
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damn car needing repairs. nothing major, just a PITA, and I'm not sure when/where to get them done.
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Attention LiveJournal!

I am a moron and accidentally erased my entire contact list in my phone. If I had your number, or you want me to have your number, Please leave it here and I will add it to my phone.


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Me: 1
Hot Water Heater: 0
The assist goes to uncooked spaghetti noodles, shared with the lighter.

Unfortunately I still get to take a cold shower, since we have to leave shortly.
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I want to go to San Francisco. I want to go see what it's like and meet people there and just,yeah, spend some time there.

it's that time of year when I start wantings to get away and move elsewhere. San Francisco has been on that list for awhile now. I have vacation the second full week of september (not the week of labor day, the one after).

What's the weather there at that time of year? Would anyone be around/available for socialization and showing me around the city?

I may be able to find crash space with family, although I'm not sure how close they live to the city. What would I need for transportation? I'll be flying in, and I think I"m already past the magical car rental age (I'll turn 27 in july). If I do need to rent a car, any suggestions on where I should get it from? Any ideas of what kind of cost that would be? What other expenses should I budget for? IE- how much should I have saved by then in order to do this?

Any help or suggestions on this would be greatly appreciated.
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